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Where Do Delhiites Stand on The Farmers’ Protests I Delhi I Farm Laws I Farmer Protest

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The ongoing farmers’ protests have attracted various shades of opinion since they began last year. Farmers have received an outpouring of support from across the board - from agricultural economists, politicians and lawyers to artists, workers and students. But where does the average citizen of Delhi - the city that denied farmers entry and at whose borders they sit in resistance - stand vis-a-vis the protestors?
As farmers, undeterred by hostilities, cross fifty days of protesting, what do the citizens of Delhi make of the protests? Do they too express solidarity? Or do they view them as an inconvenience? Do they think the farmers are justified in their insistence on a repeal of the three laws? Or do they hope for quick resolution, the arrival at a middle-ground, with the Supreme Court’s intervention? The Wire collects the voices of the people.
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