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What if the Earth Disappeared? + more videos | #aumsum #kids #science #education #whatif

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What if the Earth Disappeared?
Firstly, if Earth disappeared, people may suddenly start buying houses on Mars.
Secondly, if Earth disappeared, people may have to get used to living in space for a long time.
Thirdly, if Earth disappeared, sale of space suits would skyrocket.
Fourthly, if Earth disappeared, using money to get favors would not be possible anymore.
Lastly, if Earth disappeared, moon would have to find a different planet to rotate around.

0:00 - What if the Earth Disappeared?
0:54 - Why does water go stale overnight?
1:57 - What causes body odor?
2:54 - Why is fluoride added to water?
3:58 - Why can't we tickle ourselves?
5:02 - What happens if a plane is struck by lightning?
5:59 - Why does hot air balloon float?
6:56 - Why do mosquitoes bite only some people?
7:59 - How can we smell things?
8:59 - What is a Tsunami?
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