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Western Australia 16x - Large Scale Grain Farm - Episode 02 - FS19

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Welcome to Western Australia. This is a short series based on a large scale grain farm where I am testing my knowledge and the limitations of courseplay, autodrive and other mods to try and run a largely automated harvesting operation.

Today we are continuing the harvest, with the X9's underway again and the Fendt Ideal 10T starting in the second field. This time, I am going to use Autodrive for the grain carts, to try and decide which method I prefer. I also get our first road train up and running to the sell points.

Western Australia 16x is based on the original 4x version of the map, all be it on a rather large scale! A Beta release, there are still some bugs and to some extent the map is not complete - no individual fields, no contracts and not seasons the latest version here:

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Music - courtesy of Epidemic Sound

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