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UNEMPLOYMENT LWA $400 & $300 UPDATE 09/07/2020 (6 WEEKS PAID!)

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UNEMPLOYMENT LWA $400 & $300 UPDATE 09/07/2020 (6 WEEKS PAID!)

This Tuesday the Senate will be back in session and they are expected to present and pass their new stimulus package which should include an extension of the FPUC benefit we saw from the CARES Act. The amount is unknown however it is likely to be around $300 or $400 per week unlike what we saw from the original round of FPUC and what was proposed by the democrats of $600 per week. This will be the beginning of negotiations.

The Lost Wages Assistance program from the president’s executive memorandum is a temporary solution that will be retroactively applied back dated to August 1st which is when FPUC the $600 weekly boost expired. In the executive memorandum, funds will last until the end of the year or until funds are depleted. FEMA informed us initially they only could provide three weeks of funding. However now FEMA will provide 4 or even 5 weeks of LWA payments to some states and now some will receive six weeks of payments.

All states have now responded to the LWA program and will be participating except for South Dakota who has opted out.

LWA is the lost wages assistance program issued from the president’s executive memorandum to enhance unemployment benefits. All states approved for LWA will receive $300 per week except for Kentucky, West Virginia, Vermont, and Montana (Kansas was on the list, now they are saying they won’t be) who have officially announced they will be contributing an additional $100 per week to the LWA program so their unemployed receive $400 per week.

To be eligible, according to the executive memorandum, you must collect $100 or more per week from your unemployment benefits before taxes to receive LWA. Unlike FPUC where everyone was eligible who lost their jobs due to the pandemic, LWA you must have lost your job due to the pandemic and receive $100 per week or more.

Four are pending approval. Nevada, Kansas, Washington DC and Nebraska.

More state updates! For most states you do not need to do anything for some you do need to recertify please check with you state to find out what is required. See below…

Now for the new states approved by FEMA.
Anticipated Distribution dates for the 41 states in order from first to last:
August 15, 2020: Arizona (PAID), Iowa (this week), Louisiana (PAID), and New Mexico (PAID)
August 16, 2020: Colorado (mid-September), Missouri (PAID) and Utah (mid-September)
August 18, 2020: Oklahoma (mid-late September), Montana (PAID)
August 19, 2020: Maryland (9/27), Idaho (PAID)
August 21, 2020: Massachusetts (PAID), Alabama (PAID), California (PAID), Indiana (this week or next), North Carolina (PAID), Texas (PAID), Kentucky (early-September), Michigan (this week)
August 22, 2020: Vermont (few weeks), Mississippi (mid-September), Tennessee (PAID), Rhode Island (PAID)
August 23, 2020: New York (Maybe next week or couple of weeks), Alaska (mid-late October), Georgia (mid-September)
August 24, 2020: Connecticut (recertification not necessary; mid-sept 9/13), Pennsylvania (DOL next week), Washington (9/21), New Hampshire (around Sept 10)
August 25, 2020: Maine (mid-late sept), Arkansas (weeks away)
August 26, 2020: Ohio (mid-sept 9/13), Virginia (Virginia Employment Commission weeks, about 9/20 or 9/30)
August 27, 2020: West Virginia (next week or the following)
August 28, 2020: Wyoming (quickly as possible), Oregon (late Sept)
August 29, 2020: Minnesota (PAID), Florida (starting 9/11), Hawaii (moving as quickly as possible but still no info)
August 31, 2020: North Dakota (mid-September)
September 1, 2020: Illinois (mid-Sept), Wisconsin (8 weeks away), South Carolina (2 or 3 weeks, late sept)
September 2, 2020: Delaware (nightmare to implement, very complicated)
September 3, 2020: New Jersey (October)

As updates come out, I will be sure to share.
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