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Tuesday 28th April, Global Update

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COVID – 19, Tuesday 28th April


National coroners’ authority

Feb 20th – April 7th 728 deaths from alcohol poisoning

66 last year

5,011 people poisoned with methanol

90 + people reduced eye site or blindness

12 new cases
Sydney beaches reopen

Reopening hotels next month


Prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Residents of a Large Homeless Shelter in Boston, (JAMA, 27th April)

Prior symptom screening or self-referrals to outside care

N = 408, symptom assessment and SARS-CoV-2 PCR testing.

147 () PCR positive for SARS-CoV-2

Positive for SARS-CoV-2, were asymptomatic.

Cross-sectional study

Symptom screening in homeless shelters may not adequately capture the extent of disease transmission in this high-risk setting.

Deaths + 360 = 21,092

Cases, 158,348 or

1st to 15th April symptomatic cases down by 71%
From 2 million down to 582,640 cases

Therefore, still many infectious people in the UK
Symptoms change 2 weeks before hospital admissions

ONS up to 17th April England and Wales

Week ending 17 April 2020 (Week 16) 22,351 deaths

3,835 more deaths than week 15

11,854 more than the five-year average

Highest weekly total recorded since comparable figures begin in 1993

8,758 ( of all deaths) mentioned “novel coronavirus (COVID-19)”

6,213 ( of all deaths) in Week 15.

London, of deaths registered in Week 16 involved COVID-19

of COVID deaths (14,796 deaths) occurred in hospital

Deaths in care homes for Week 16 was 7,316

2,389 higher than Week 15

Almost double the number in Week 14 and almost triple the number in Week 13

1 billion infections
million deaths

Probably community transmission
Risk of cholera

In Yemen, more than half of Yemen’s health facilities are no longer functioning

18 million people do not have access to proper hygiene, water and sanitation.

IRC has also warned about increases in other forms of violence against vulnerable groups worldwide, such as violence against women

South Sudan
Less than half the country’s health facilities are functioning, there are 24 ICU beds and four ventilators.
Already gripped by high levels of malnutrition may face famine.

More than half of doctors have left

90% of hospitals face shortages of medicine and critical supplies

84 ICU beds for a population of 32 million

Burkina Faso - 11 ventilators for population of million

Sierra Leone - 13 ventilators for population of million

Central African Republic - 3 ventilators for population of million

Somalia - 15 ICU beds for population of million

COVID Symptom Tracker

Santa Clara County



Inflammatory syndrome in Children

Vitamin D

Don’t be an ass, put on a mask

Paediatric inflammatory syndrome

Animation video link

European heating and ventilation

Virus in the body

HK data

Irish dashboard

Our world in data


Iran alcohol poisoning


South Sudan

JAMA, Boston homeless center
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