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TRUTH BEHIND MMK PLANNER (MMK Journey Part 2) | #MMKLoveandAdulting

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Maalala Mo Kaya (MMK) is the longest running and most award winning drama anthology in the Philippines.

A lot of people who went through tragic events, challenges and turning points would want to see their life reenacted by others in MMK in the hopes of sharing life lessons to the viewers.

Usually, letter senders send their story to maalaalamokaya@ We, on the other hand, submitted our story in a different

Watch how we got featured in MMK and our personal experience behind #MMKLoveandAdulting #MMKPlanner

In this video, we also talked about our realizations and future plans after our MMK Journey as we bring you with us in every undertakings.

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Dr. Gerard Santos
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Dr. Jobelle Fernandez
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