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TRANSFORMERS - The Story Of Megatron - Part 1

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Megatron has been a pop culture icon since his introduction in the Transformers in 1984. There have been many versions of this character since his Generation One incarnation and this video will chronicle the story of Megatron from his inception. The series will continue to explore the other versions of Megatron as well.

The Transformers were a popular toyline, comic book and cartoon series that have continued to be popular and has spawned live action movies and tons of pop culture references. Megatron has always been considered an icon of robotic evil and we will explore his creation. This video includes interviews with Bob Budiansky from Marvel Comics, voice actor Frank Welker and Simon Furman, the former Marvel Transformers UK writer who continues to write Transformers comics to this day.

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Bob Budiansky
Frank Welker
Simon Furman
Tony Tuski
Rosemary Ward-Tuski
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