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These 5 mistakes make you an average player

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5 football mistakes to avoid - in today's tutorial video, we'll go over 5 typical football mistakes that will make you an average or bad football player. By doing these mistakes, you'll not only make yourself a worse football player, but also make it harder for your team to win the match - and actually, it's not difficult to avoid doing these 5 common football mistakes by following our latest tutorial. In short, if you're not looking up when you have the ball, you'll make it harder for yourself to see your team mates and know how much time you have before an opponent will close you down. Also, if you don't think ahead and know what to do with the ball, that is a mistake as you'll most likely rush it when you then get the ball. If you have a tendency to hide and don't really ask for the ball and in general just shy away from letting the other team know that you're there - that's a big football mistake too. Finally, you should avoid the mistake of always looking for the killer pass and of course to be selfish with the football by constantly dribbling and shooting on your own while ignoring your team mates. All of these mistakes will mean that you'll be an average or bad football player, but thankfully you can fix them - and in this football skills tutorial, we'll tell you how to avoid the 5 common football mistakes you shouldn't make.


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