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THE ROCK vs KING KONG | The Rock takes revenge for George | Rampage vs MonsterVerse

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Previously, the mighty titan, Kong has completely destroyed George and others from rampage, however he did not take down the fiercest of them all, The Rock. Killing his dearest friend pisses off The Rock and makes him furious towards Kong. Do you think The Rock stands a chance against the mighty titan?

Comment down below who you are rooting for.

─────── STKs───────

The Rock stk by: Me
Kong stk by: Me
George stk by: Tikof1 (his Kong stk recolored)

─────── MUSIC───────

Track Name - Emotional Sad Piano Music | Touch (Download and Royalty FREE)
Artist/Composer - MATTIA CUPELLI
Links -

Track Name - Tension RMK
Artist/Composer - Daniele
Publisher - Daniele Epic Soundtrack
Social Links -
Website - ​
Facebook - ​
SoundCloud - ​
MixCloud -
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