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The COMPLETE Disney Sorcerer's Arena Jumpstart & Beginners Guide | 2021

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New to DSA in 2021? Then this Beginners & Jump Start Guide is for you. Been playing for a while? Catch up on the basics OR show your friends this video to get them hooked on the game and understanding everything it has to offer. Disney Sorcerer’s Arena hasn’t hit its first birthday yet so now is still a perfect time to join!

Today’s beginners guide to DSA is here to help anyone just starting the game. As I’ve recently created a second account to get the free to play perspective, I’ve got new and up to date advice for people just picking up the game in 2021.

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00:00 - Intro
02:49 - Characters
08:46 - Gear
10:44 - Abilities
13:42 - Live Events
14:16 - Sorcerer's Tournament
15:07 - Towers of Endurance
15:59 - Spells
16:59 - Summoner Challenges
18:36 - Live PvP
18:55 - Clubs
19:34 - Club Adventures
20:25 - Club Conquest
21:24 - Currency
21:46 - Exchange
22:51 - VIP
23:34 - Passholder
24:04 - Daily Quests
24:22 - Outro
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