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Tallest Player vs Defending Champion | David Grace vs Ding Junhui | 2020 UK Championship

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Great snooker match between defending champion Ding Junhui and David Grace, the tallest professional snooker player, who has been playing a good 2020/21 season. You will appreciate his technical performance and good temperament at critical moments.

Although Grace faces one of the best players of all time in one of the most prestigious tournaments, the absence of an audience can play in favor of the less experienced. His confidence is at the top, as a week before he played the semi-finals of the Northern Ireland Open.

At 22:05 you can compare the heights of David Grace, Mark Selby and Mark Williams.
Australian snooker player in the 1980s John Campbell is said to be the tallest professional player in snooker history, but there is no exact data on his height.

Ding Junhui vs David Grace, 2020 UK Championship - Last 64

The statistics shown in the video correspond to the time the match was played.

Cesar Muroya created his unique editing technique to extract the essence of the game without losing the drama involved. Contextual information displayed is another innovation that viewers appreciate. This format is not intended to replace full unedited matches, but to be an additional alternative to the delight of snooker fans.

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