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Sword Master Rates 10 More Sword Fights In Movies And TV | How Real Is It?

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Professional swordsman Dave Rawlings reacts to 10 fight scenes featuring longswords and daggers and rates them based on their historical and technical accuracy.

Rawlings rates the skill of lightsaber fights in "The Mandalorian" (2020) and "Star Wars Rebels" (2017). He breaks down traditional Western sword fights in "Rob Roy" (1995), "The Adventures of Robin Hood" (1938), "The Duellists" (1977), "The Count of Monte Cristo" (2002), "Vikings" (2020) and "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" (2003). He also looks at fantasy sword fights in "The Lord of the Rings" (2001), and dagger-fight skills in "The Mummy Returns" (2001).

Rawlings has over 15 years of experience teaching Western swordsmanship. He has been featured in the documentary series "Warriors" and "Bloody Tales of the Tower." He advised The Wallace Collection on its exhibition "The Noble Art of the Sword," and he teaches longsword at the London Longsword Academy.

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The London Longsword Academy is on YouTube

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Sword Master Rates 10 More Sword Fights In Movies And TV | How Real Is It?
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