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Sundance Film Festival Classics "Little Farm"

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The wages of sin. A foul-mouthed family of brother and sister, in their late teens or early 20s, and their father run a small farm. During one argument between the siblings, ostensibly about her choice of a man to marry, she hints that she knows why he has no woman in his life. Later that night, when dad's sleeping off heavy drinking, brother and sister open Pandora's box.

Programmer's Note: Had you watched Calvin Reeder's film 'Little Farm' before 'The Signal' in 2007, you would see that this guy commands a crowd. Part twisted family drama, part 70s splatterhouse throwback, the film mixes horror and humor in the most sinful way possible. One year later, Reeder returned to the Festival with 'The Rambler,' an existential journey into madness that once again was met by hooting, hollering, and rabid fandom. Reeder is back this year with his feature 'The Oregonian,' which lives up to the hype he created in short form and cements him as one of the most twisted yet unique voices out there. Enjoy the ride, don't cover your eyes, and be prepared for an experience that is literally mind-blowing.
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