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SPOILERS: SSO on Mobile, New Area, New Horses, New Code, Main Story & more ???? || Star Stable Onlin

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Hi guys! Today I brought you super exciting news and spoilers regarding Star Stable on Mobile, the new area, new horses, spoilers about Ydris and Halloween & much more! Enjoy ????

➡️ Star Stable Adventures:
➡️ My second channel:

???? Timestamps:
Star Stable on Mobile: 00:22
New area, new horse: 01:26
spoiler: 03:02
Ydris spoiler/sneak peek: 03:40
Mysterious new horse: 04:18
News: 05:12
My opinion: 05:50
New channel & outro: 07:19


My name is Corinne and I'm 20 years old. I make gameplay videos about Star Stable Online which is a Swedish MMORPG.
For further information, please read the FAQ below!
Have a nice day!

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???? FAQ ????

✨ What do you film and edit with?
⭐️ I record my videos with Shadowplay and edit them with Vegas Pro 15!

✨ What server(s) are you on?
⭐️ My main account, Corinne Misthill is on Coconut Mountain (HU-01).
I also have several alternate accounts on different servers, such as Night Star, Fire Star, Spring Star, Grape Mountain and Cupcake Valley.

✨ Can you tell me what song you used in this video?
⭐️ No, unfortunately. I have a folder on my computer which contains almost 1000 copyright free songs and when I edit my videos I just randomly pick a song.

✨ Where are you from?
⭐️ I'm from Hungary.

???? SOCIAL MEDIA ????
⭐️ Instagram:
⭐️ Tumblr:

✨ For business inquiries & fan mail feel free to message me at
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