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Sonic 3D In 2D - All Bosses [No Damage]

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Sonic 3D In 2D On:

All Bosses List:

[00:00] 1. Silver Sonic
[01:24] 2. Green Grove Boss
[04:00] 3. Fang
[05:46] 4. Rusty Ruin Boss
[07:28] 5. Tails Doll
[08:59] 6. Spring Stadium Boss
[10:49] 7. E-99
[12:02] 8. Diamond Dust Boss
[14:02] 9. Metal Knuckles
[16:36] 10. Volcano Valley Boss
[19:20] 11. Silver Sonic & Mechas Sonic
[21:09] 12. Gene Gadget Boss
[23:14] 13. Machine & Drill Eggman
[28:42] 14. Panic Puppet Boss
[32:40] 15. The Final Fight

There are people saying that I use super sonic in the battle against sonic mechas and that this is considered make cheating, I will not lie to them, they are right, but I will say why I me transforme in super sonic, since the battle is random and some moments it is impossible to dodge (when there are 2) and I cannot defeat the other boss quickly, since when a mecha leaves the capsule you can be hit (in the version in which I recorded) and I think that in others versions it is already corrected, I just wanted to clarify it and I hope you understand me, I didn't like defeating him that way either, but I had no other choice to beat him without harms.
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