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SNEAKiNG EGGS inside Dads Work!! Adley & Niko Hiding Easter Egg notes for the Spacestation Crew ???

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???? Hoppy Easter Weekend Friends ????


HEY EVERYBODY!! Today Niko, Dad, Mom, and Adley get ready for easter by leaving surprises all over Dad's Work, THE SPACESTATION!!! The first thing we did was build a fort and surprise the vlog with an egg attack!! The vlog was so surprised!! Then we were being funny and we did a lot of crazy things like jump in a pile of eggs, we jumped on the fort and broke it, and we turned into baby rabbits! We got a lot of easter eggs and decided to fill them up with money and special notes. And then we put them in a giant easter egg basket and took them to the Spacestation and hid them all over the place. Some of the places we hid them a trashcan, in a vent, in the freezer, on top of a sign, in an Adley unicorn shirt, in dad's office, in the basketball toys, in the hot tub, and down the slide!! It was so much fun and I can't wait till next year to do it again!! What's your favorite part about Easter?

my last video - PET RESCUE on the BEACH!! Baby Mermaid Shell buried at pirate island, Adley & Niko take care of them

my dad's last video - NAVEY slides her FiRST SLiDE!! it’s a Family adventure to pirate island! Adley drives mini monster

Bye vlog *pshhhhh*
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