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Roblox PIGGY In Real Life - Chapter 11: Outpost

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The Noob Family can’t get out of Piggy in Real Life until they stop Mr. P! Chapter 11 the Outpost is tricky because infected soldiers are all around and there’s a new skin in the game, Torcher! There are also new items but the biggest is a military tank! Can the Noobs figure out how to use it? Will every Noob Family member make it out? Pony and Zizzy split up, but is it forever? So many questions and such little time left. What more needs to be done to complete Roblox Piggy in Real Life?

Chapter 1: House
Chapter 2: Station
Chapter 3: Gallery
Chapter 4: Forest
Chapter 5: School
Chapter 6: Hospital
Chapter 7: Metro
Chapter 8: Carnival
Chapter 9: City
Chapter 10: Mall


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