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Reaction TO @KILLER FF - The Tournament Player !! KILLER FF - The Hidden Mobile Legend of India.

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This is a reaction video on the Indian Mobile Legend KILLER popularly known as TSG Killer.


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System Specifications:

PC Specifications :
NAME: MSI gaming Laptop
CPU - Intel i7 - 9th gen - 6 Cores
GPU - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650
RAM - 16 GB
Hard Disk - 512GB SSD
HDD Monitor - inches Wide Screen thin bezels
Keyboard Mouse - Laptop Inbuild Keyboard
Gaming Mouse: Red gear Gaming mouse advanced - 3200 DPI

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Thank you all.
Disclaimer : This is a Gameplay video made for only entertainment purpose not only for Garena lovers but also for all the action packed shooting games. This is just for fun and entertainment only.

KILLER FF - ???? note: we allow anyone to make reaction videos but the video must remain branded under tsg killer or killer ff (with our channel link) in the description
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