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Pro SOFTBALL Player Paige Halstead Faces Her BROTHER Ryan Halstead from the SF Giants | Live At-Bats

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Get ready because this episode is a little different!!! We brought Former UCLA Bruin & Pro Softball Player Paige Halstead out to the desert to face off against Cincinnati Reds P Trevor Bauer & San Francisco Giants P, and brother, Ryan Halstead. This sibling rivalry takes center stage, or should we say desert, in this episode of Live At-Bats presented by Momentum!

Featured Athletes:
Cincinnati Reds P Trevor Bauer ( baueroutage | BauerOutage )
San Francisco Giants (AAA) P Ryan Halstead ( ryhalstead | ryhalstead )
Athletes Unlimited C Paige Halstead ( paigehalstead | auprosports )


Player & Crew safety was the most important thing for us while creating this unique content. The following precautions and processes were followed in accordance with all Federal, State, Local, and CDC Recommendations on Social Distancing & Safety:

1. All participants must remain at least six feet away from each other at all times.
2. All cameras and sporting equipment will be properly sanitized before and after the event.
3. Locations will be as remote as possible.
4. Participants all arrive in separate vehicles.
5. No formal greetings will occur between participants.
6. Legal counsel was consulted before filming.
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