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Power Wheels Cars for Sale | Paw Patrol Playhouse | Videos for Kids

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Power Wheels Cars for Sale | Paw Patrol Playhouse | Videos for Kids to learn and play. In today's videos for kids, Braxton has power wheels cars for sale and Ryder dresses up as Marshall from the Paw Patrol and friends Playhouse. Kids go on a treasure hunt and find a magic genie lamp to grant them 3 wishes. Braxton and Ryder love to make fun and educational videos for children.
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Here you will see funny videos for kids including: power wheels, monster trucks, kids police videos, paw patrol videos for kids, mighty pups, and pretend play videos.

Some of our favorite characters are :
Paw Patrol, Mighty Pups, Police Kids, Pranking Mommy, Monster Jam, Fire Fighters, Power Wheels, Hot Wheels, and telling funny kids stories. All our videos are safe for kids and a great way for kids to learn english.

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