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????Pick An Image???? Special Messages From Spirit For You!

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⭐️Decks Used⭐️
1. Black Angel Oracle - not longer in print
2. Soul's Journey Lesson Cards -
3. Life Energies Oracle - not for sale
4. Everyday Tarot Mini Deck -
5. Sacred Creators Oracle -
The links provided to access the decks used in this reading are my amazon affiliate links. I do receive an advertising fee each time a link is clicked, and when a purchase is made through these links. All decks used in this reading were purchased with my own money and are used because I prefer to use these particular decks. If you want more information about a deck but are uncomfortable with affiliate links or with Amazon, you can do a Google search for any deck listed to find other retailers you prefer.

I am not a licensed physician. Anything expressed in this video is my personal opinion and should be viewed for entertainment purposes only. Please use your discernment and personal judgement when watching tarot/oracle readings on YouTube. These readings are general readings for everyone and in no way should be used in place of your personal judgement.
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