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OP One Shot Crossbow PvP | Corrupted Dungeons | Light Crossbow PvP | Albion Online - N°26

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I bring you my experience playing with the Crossbow One Shot And Light Crossbow.
I hope you like it, if you like it and want more content with it leave your like and comment :D


Helmet: Cultist Cowl, but can be exchanged for a defensive one like a Guardian Helmet or Cleric Cowl.
Robe: Cleric Robe too important to increase its damage and avoid reflecting from enemies.
Boots: Guardian Boots or any leather shoes, as he has a skill to reset his skills faster.
Cape: I used the Thetford Cape or Keeper Cape, but you will not always be combining it correctly.

Always use your W to shoot fast with your E, maybe it’s not so easy, as you can see in the video, sometimes I made my W wrong, I had to reset the ability to shoot.

Have a great PvP and Thanks for Watching !

Credits of the music used to: Omnibeats (trap beats & rap instrumentals)

Migos type trap beat - Su$hi (trap beat with bells)

Free Young Thug type beat - RedLight (Free Trap Beat)

Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution
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