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Old MacDonald Had A Farm - Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs - The Mik Maks

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Old MacDonald had a farm - EIEIO! We know you will just love our version of this classic Nursery Rhyme.

Watch as Old MacDonald Had A Farm, turns into Grandpa Mik Mak Had A Farm. Farming life becomes more and more interesting as the Nursery Rhymes goes on. You will even see an Interrupting Cow!
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The Mik Maks - Bringing the 'ROCK' to kids music!

Who are The Mik Maks?? They are a band of 3 brothers who write their own songs that engage children through movement and colour. Their catchy songs are also adored by parents who appreciate the musicianship that goes into the music and the country rock flavor of the songs. Stay tuned for lots more to come on 'Mik Mak Musical Adventures'.


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