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New Kid in School - Making Friends! | Go Buster Cartoons & Baby Videos | Moonbug Kids

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There is a new kid in school, will Buster the Bus make a new friend?
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00:05 New Kid in School - Making Friends
02:05 Buster's Back at School - Accidents Happen
04:06 The Soccer Bus - Don’t Be Nervous
06:07 Buster and Scout's Fun Day at the Beach
08:07 London Bridge Is Falling Down - Teamwork With Friends
10:08 Boo Boo Song - Accidents Happen
12:12 Buster Goes to Treasure Island
14:15 Buster Coming Round the Mountain Song - Buster and Suki's Race
16:16 Beware of the Erupting Volcano! - Buster Saves Rita the Sports Car
18:16 Trouble at the Carwash - Super Friends to the Rescue
20:17 Buster the Wizard - Magic Spell Book
22:18 Buster and Friends Stand Up to Bandit the Bully
24:22 Hot Air Balloon Trouble - Buster and Friends to the Rescue
26:23 Buster the Rocket Bus Goes Space Exploring
28:24 Magic Buster's Rainbow Super Power

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