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Mr. Bumpy: An Unsung Disney Casualty | Bump In The Night | Nostalgia Trip

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Remember Mr. Bumpy and Bump In The Night?

This week we’re taking a peek at what monsters are lurking under your bed. Where creepy stop motion creatures made of clay are working up their latest schemes, all while chomping on your homework and devouring your laundry. Before Pixar was sharing stories about the life of Toys, the work of Monsters, or all those pesky feelings of existential dread that can creep up on you, ABC had a brilliant short-lived series that beat them to the punch. Grab those dirty gym socks and gear up for Karaoke, I’m Kris Carr, and today I want to talk to you about the 1994 cult classic Bump in the Night

#MrBumpy #BumpInTheNight #NostalgiaTrip

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