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MONGOLIAN YURT Stay on a Biodynamic Farm ???????? | Spring GLAMPING in Ontario, Canada

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It's time for some spring glamping in Ontario, this time in the form of a Mongolian yurt on a biodynamic farm! We've been planning lots of unique stays close to nature to get us through these rainy, grey, early spring days, and when we came across this yurt on AirBnB, we knew we had to stay there!

This particular yurt is located in the township of West Grey in southwestern Ontario, so it's an easy weekend escape from the Toronto area (about a 2 hour drive).

The yurt itself was really comfortable and cozy. Our hosts had kindly lit the wood-burning stove prior to our arrival, so there was a nice fire going by the time we checked in. Inside we had a double and single bed, a sofa, a dining table with two chairs, and a dresser with a water jug and wash basin.

We were lucky enough to visit on market day, so the farm had all sorts of goodies for sale and we took advantage of that! We got some of their homemade hazelnut squares and oatmeal cookies to enjoy by the fire. And did we mention that they left us all sorts of herbal teas?! It really was the perfect indoor picnic on a rainy afternoon.

During our stay, we also got to meet all the farm animals: dogs, cats, chickens, horses, cows, and newborn piglets! That was a real highlight of our visit.

Then, on our final morning, we opted for the farmer's breakfast, which we'd highly recommend! The food was out of this world: porridge with maple syrup, freshly baked bread with farm butter and jams, platters with assorted cheeses and deli meats, and then the option of eggs any way you like them. It was a feast fit for kings!

Needless to say, we had a great time and we're looking forward to doing some more glamping in Ontario!

If you'd like to stay in this unique Mongolian yurt, here's the link to the place we booked:

Wishing you happy travels, and stay tuned for more unique stays across Canada on the channel!

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MONGOLIAN YURT Stay on a Biodynamic Farm ???????? | Spring GLAMPING in Ontario, Canada




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