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Minecraft Survival | Massive Minecraft Crop Farm & How to Landscape and Terraform in Survival (ep19)

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This is Avomancia, a Minecraft Survival Solo World. I show you how to Terraform in Minecraft and also make a HUGE crop farm in Survival

In today's episode of Avomancia, with Avomance, I have 2 BIG projects!

First, I need to show you how to make a crop farm in Minecraft - but not just a little crop farm like last time - we need a HUGE crop farm that gives us stacks and stacks of crops! But we want it easy!

THEN, we need to start the transformation of the area outside the walls of Avomancia - we have finished the Castle Walls, the Town Walls, and we need to make sure the place is welcoming and looks natural!

This is a BIG step up for me in creative building in Minecraft! This project is probably the biggest I have ever attempted and this step has to look right, or it will throw off the rest of the Custom Minecraft Village!

I also go to the Mates Base to say thank you to a number of people!

If you want to skip the mates base section, jump to 16:21

But I encourage and invite you to keep watching right through!!




This is one of my best Minecraft Survival Episodes ever, haven't done one as good since Minecraft Survival Episode 1


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Watch the whole series from Minecraft Episode 1. Ep1 is great fun!


(C) Avomance 2021
Minecraft Survival - Avomancia Season II (2021)
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