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Memory King | Happy Saturday | Ep 2 | 26-September-2020 | Nepali Comedy Movie | Colleges Nepal Video

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Memory King is episode 2 from Season 3 of the Nepali comedy web series Happy Saturday, a Nepali comedy short movie produced by Colleges Nepal.

Kanchan Khadka
Sudikcha Poudel
Nima Tamang
Srijana KC
Diya KC

Script: Pani Andre

Camera/Edit: Binod Yakkha

Production: Colleges Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Director: Shivahari Nepal

Srijan Shah
Shailendra Basnet

Business Inquiries: 9801169142 / 01-4246070

You can watch all kinds of Nepali comedy video, Short Nepali Movie, Nepali comedy movie, funny and entertaining stuffs at Colleges Nepal YouTube Channel. We bring you web series like Aajkal Ko Love, Soltini and Happy Saturday every week.

Aajkal ko love features Jibesh Singh Gurung in the lead male act and other females characters headed by Sunisha, Kanchan, Yugjyoti, and Choki Sherpa as regular cast. It narrates Nepal's trending issues and its episodes are most named after Kanda, a popular term featuring hot issues in Nepalese context. Few of the popular episodes from Aajkal ko love comedy series are Poi kanda, Heroni Kanda, Teej Special, Bachha Kanda. Episodes from this web series generally make a mark by emerging among Nepal's trending videos in YouTube.

Soltini features a group comedy featuring Khadka Bahadur Pun as Khambe Sailo, Samiya Karki as Bijuli in the lead role. This comedy short movie is about a group of people living in semi urban area indulged with regular house hold issue among husband and wife along with societal issues. This web series is published on Thursday morning at 8.

Happy Saturday is another Nepali comedy web series featuring Kanchan Khadka, Sudikcha Poudel and Nima Tamang depicting a Youth drama on societal issues. Its a fun packed series broadcasted every Saturday at 8

All the character in this episodes are fictitious and if matched with some personalities shall be considered coincidence.

Downloading and re-uploading videos from Colleges Nepal YouTube channel is strictly prohibited. If found shall be punished according to the law.
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