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Marry me Juliet ???? | MEME | Something tragic | Original? Idk | Read Description | MLB |

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Yes I know this won’t happen in the show I know Mari isn’t lesbian ùnú but- lIkE cMoN I find this kinda weird but whatever
If it’s not original plZ tElL me wHo tO cReDit
And pretend Juliet is Marinette qwq

I think the song was the remix version if I recorded it from there-

Ahahah- any further questions comment down ùwú

Some regular questions:
Do you support Adrienette
Answer: yes, Ladrien/Adrienette/Marichat or Ladynoir I suppprt them
Do you have roblox
-yes I’ll tell you my user when I want to
-What is your favorite ship
-Adrienette/Marichat but I like all ships
(Except a few) etc: Marinette and Gabriel

Anyways bye ùwú

#adrienette #meme #comedyiguess
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