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Leo: April 2021 **Dang Leo! You're Trying To Hide Out At Mama's House!** (Behind The Scenes)

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Leo April 2021 Dang Leo! You're Trying To Hide Out At Mama's House! (Behind The Scenes)
Leo April 2021 Tarot Love Reading.
Insights on what they aren't telling you and who's coming towards you.
This love tarot card reading is for Sun, Moon, Rising, and Venus signs.

With this channel you will find--Love Reading: Astrology Readings: Tarot Card Reading: Partnership Reading: Weekly Tarot Card Readings: Monthly Tarot Card Readings. Pick A Card Readings.
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Decks Used:
Cosmic Tarot
Crystal Visions
The Pictorial Key
Rider-Waite Tarot
The Gilded Tarot
The Lovers Oracle
The Original Tarot

***Please be advised, as a disclaimer, these readings are for entertainment purposes only. DO NOT make any life changing decisions based on Her Immortal Majesty channel readings. Again, these readings are for entertainment purposes ONLY.
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