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Lake Minnewanka - Back to the trail head across the frozen ice - Part 2

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Last hike of the winter season. April is always a tough month for outdoor adventures because we either have too little snow for snowshoes/skis, or it's too wet & muddy for boots. My friend Geoff (aka Wandering Panda on YT) and I timed this trip perfectly.

Lake Minnewanka is very close to Banff, and it's an extremely popular summer destination with hikers, cyclists and canoeists. I personally would never visit this lake in summer because it's just too crowded. Winter is the perfect time for a quick visit. We had the place to ourselves, and we even got to enjoy a walk across the ice.

0:00 Introduction
2:43 The trail head
4:47 LM8 Campground (Aylmer Pass Junction)
8:33 Cutting firewood
9:39 Walking on the frozen lake

Part 1:

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