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King Magnetic "Be Quiet" (Vinnie Paz Diss)

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With snarling Teddy Roxpin production as his backdrop, the Allentown, PA rapper unleashes a flurry of rhymes at his opponents while explaining exactly why the track came to be. As King Mag tells it, everything started in ’09 with petty internal back and forth, and was squashed almost five years ago. "I caught Paz after a show in Albuquerque, we sat down, talked about things and both agreed to stop the bullsh*t. I let him know I had this song in the tuck, and had no plans of releasing it if his nonsense stopped.”

The breaking point came last year when Paz threatened to remove his lyrics and track contributions from Doap Nixon’s Sour Diesel II, unless Doap removed King Magnetic’s verse from the project. Mag couldn’t stand the pettiness any longer and dug up the diss record for the public to hear.

From Paz’s rap name to his family life to his rap career, nothing is safe from the fury of King Mag’s bars on “Be Quiet.” While his core message is that no one actually respects Paz for his fraudulence, “using your fam” and stealing their work, there are also hard-hitting lines like: “Post pictures of your guns and your son/ In reality you know you ain't playing with either one.”

“Be Quiet” is available on ALL Major DSP!

• Artist: King Magnetic
• Title: Be Quiet
• Produced by: Teddy Roxpin
• Mixed and Mastered by: Trilian
• Release Date: February 14, 2020
• Label: King Mag Music

King Magnetic Online:
• Twitter:
• Instagram: @kingmagnetic
• Facebook:
• SoundCloud: @kingmagnetic
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