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Is the PS5 Pulse 3D Headset Worth Getting?

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Despite its flimsy frame, the Pulse 3D headset produces vibrant audio at an affordable price for the PS5 and other platforms.

The PlayStation 5 is launching very soon, and alongside it there will be a number of accessories. One of these is the new Pulse 3D headset. 

We've had a chance to try it out, and in a new video review, Mat Paget makes the case for it. The top-line takeaway is that the Pulse 3D headset produces vibrant audio at an affordable price. The headset works with not only the PS5, but a number of other platforms.

The $100 headset boasts a 12-hour battery life, and we found that to be true in our tests. Overall, for the price, the headset delivers a very rich audio experience. The only negatives we had to mention were that its plastic frame feels cheap and it may not be the most comfortable for larger ears. 

Check out the full review in the video above, and keep coming back to GameSpot for lots more on the PS5 and other next-gen news in the days and weeks ahead.
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