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I’m a Mormon, Polynesian Father, and Former NFL Player

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NFL player Gabe Reid thought about giving up but persevered and played with the Chicago Bears and the Tennessee Titans. Now this Mormon father of four teaches his kids to never quit.

Gabe Walter Reid is an ex-NFL player who was born and raised in American Samoa. Gabe has four children: three daughters and one son, who is his only hope to play football. When he and his wife talk about his NFL days, they are able to look back at the lessons they learned through the hard times. He wanted to quit so many times but he knew he wanted to teach his children not to be quitters. After he prayed and changed his attitude, his agent called saying he was activated by the Chicago Bears. His relationship with his family is so much stronger because of his experiences in the NFL. He loves to see his children happy and have their confidence built. Gabe is Polynesian, an ex-NFL player, a father, and a Mormon.

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