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"I Can't Seem To Get Married", Dino Morea On His Journey So Far And Plans For 2021 | Tandav

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In conversation with the Indian actor Dino Morea on his upcoming Political-drama, Tandav, a web series that releases on Amazon Prime Videos on 15th January 2021.

Dino begins by sharing how promising the year 2021 looks for him, with the release of Tandav, his work as a producer in the upcoming film Helmet that will be released in March, Moghuls along with a couple of movies all in the year 2021! As we discuss the subject of politics, Dino reveals that he has very limited knowledge on this and was never interested in it even as a child but stays abreast about the current political issues and news. Further, he reveals certain behaviour that he imbibed in his role as a political science professor and unveils who was his inspiration! He discusses his wait to work with the director, Ali Abbas Zaffar, the script, cast and Amazon. He also shares his thoughts on why the title "Tandav" is so apt for the web series, his beliefs on the theatrical experience and elaborates on the advantages received by both actors and directors through OTT and web shows. He also gives the audience a clear and honest take on censorship and speaks about what he wishes to adapt in the Hindi cinema just like his role in Hostages that was inspired by an Israeli show. He also shares how and why the upcoming show"Moghuls" could potentially be the Indian Game of Thrones! Lastly, he describes Tandav as a big chess game with many twists that showcase relations, betrayal, deceit, ambitions, etc. He shares his struggles and journey in his acting career and revealed that he worked on himself until a good opportunity arrived. During this time he stayed afloat by doing business and producing movies like Jism 2

(00:03)- What are your expectations for the year 2021?

(00:49)- How good were you in political science?

(03:06)- Dino shares his experience shooting for Tandav

(04:13)- What's your "Tandav Moment"?

(04:47)- "There is no room for mediocrity"- Dino Morea on web shows

(07:09)- Dino shares his honest opinion on censorship

(08:29)- What do you want to adapt from movies that you've watched?

(09:25)- How would you describe Tandav for the Indian audience?

(10:10)- "There was a time when insecurities set in"- Dino on his acting career

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