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How Team Liquid made Ovilee Cry | The End of Worlds 2020 | The Liquid Update - S3E6

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Despite winning 2 back to back games against Suning and Machi, our fate at making it out of Groups for Worlds 2020 did not lay in our hands as we watched G2 lose a game against Suning that determined our fate and ended our Worlds run early with a (3-3) score.

Thank you to all the fans who've joined us for The Liquid Update once again. We hope you've enjoyed the series, and we will see you back here for more TLU with Ovilee May soon.

Dreams dead, of us getting out
Cause we've, lost the games and we, let you down
I'm sad for NA too
Guess we have to support EU

Liquid, why’d you have to die?
This was supposed to be the year, fans had NA pride
I knew we couldn't trust G2, dirty feeders
But I~ still believed, I stayed a dreamer

We tried to bring the hype
And I hope you know for sure like every year, this isn't over
Maybe next time we'll escape groups
and we'll finally get revenge on G2

For NA we'll try
Not to make our fans cry
But when it comes to worlds we're going home again
but when it comes to worlds we're going home again

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