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Guild Wars 2 - The Best Guardian Meta Builds for PvE, PvP and WvW | 2020

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The Guardian is one of the most versatile professions in Guild Wars 2. You can damage, support and heal effectively in open world PvE, endgame PvE (Raids & Fractals), PvP and World vs. World (WvW). In this video I will share the best Meta Builds for the Guardian. The builds you see are very common and will get you into groups that require these meta builds.

In this video you will find the following:

• Open World builds to get around, do events and to play the Personal and Living Story with.
• Effective Guardian Builds for Raids and Fractals - Damage, support and heal
• Support and Damage builds for World vs. World
• Bunker, Healing and Damage builds for PvP.
• Explanation why you take certain traits and skills

The usage of these builds requires general knowledge about skills and traits. There a good number of Free to Play (F2P) builds in this video. However, most of the builds require the expansion bundle (Heart of Thorns & Path of Fire). Use the timestamps below to navigate to a specific build.


0:00 - What makes the Guardian a great profession?

//Open World PvE
0:50 - Power Greatsword Build (F2P)
3:10 - Radiant Dragonhunter
4:50 - Condition Firebrand & Mantra Explanation

//Endgame PvE
7:25 - Power Dragonhunter DPS Build
8:40 - Power/Condition Quickness Support Firebrand (QFB)
10:45 - Healing Firebrand (HFB)

//World vs. World (WvW)
12:25 - Power Support Guardian (Zerg DPS) - (F2P)
14:25 - Support Firebrand (Zerg Support)
16:00 - Power Dragonhunter (Small Group / Roaming DPS)

//Player vs. Player (PvP)
17:55 - Symbol Support Guardian (F2P)
19:40 - Symbol Support Firebrand
21:25 - Burning Conditon Dragonhunter

Links & Templates:

Open World PvE:
Power Greatsword Build (F2P): :Guardian_-_Radiant_Greatsword
Radiant Dragonhunter: :Dragonhunter_-_Radiant_Dragonhunter
Condition Firebrand: :Firebrand_-_Solo_Firebrand

Endgame (Raids):
Power Dragonhunter DPS Build:
Power/Condition Quickness Support Firebrand (QFB):
Healing Firebrand (HFB):

Endgame (Fractals):
Power Dragonhunter DPS Build:
Condition Quickness Support Firebrand (QFB):
Healing Firebrand (HFB):

World vs. World (WvW):
Power Support Guardian (Zerg DPS) - (F2P): :Guardian_-_Power_Guardian
Support Firebrand (Zerg Support): :Firebrand_-_Support_Firebrand
Power Dragonhunter (Small Group / Roaming DPS):

Player vs. Player (PvP):
Symbol Support Guardian (F2P):
Symbol Support Firebrand: :Firebrand_-_Sagebrand
Burning Conditon Dragonhunter: :Dragonhunter_-_Spirit_Burn_DH


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GW2 Guardian Builds for pve, wvw, pvp in 2020
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