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Frostborn PvP Protector 3 │ PvP Treasure Win & Fail

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Hey Warrior's! in This FROSTBORN video abo raid defense, me and my team have been attacked by 4 players and we defended perfectly, we got lots of loot such as dispel, purple set and rare weapons,enjoy , frostborn is the new Kefir game that's been released globally for android and ios ! If you like this video make sure to subscribe and comment ! don't forget to check out all my others video about Frostborn ,link below

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My channel have overs 100 videos about frostborn , including tutorial ,pvp and almost everything we can do in the game , here are somes of my video that's could interest you :

How clear first Odin floor:
How kill Necromancer:
My last video about raid:

Frostborn trade server:
Official Frostborn discord:
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Frostborn download link android :
Frostborn download link ios (soon)

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Game: Frostborn Coop Survival (2020)
Edit app:PowerDirector
Music Used: Twenty One pilot heathen / Two step from hell
Thumbnail app: PixelLab
#Frostborn #Survival #Фростборн #Global

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