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Family Toy Room Challenges!! Slide & Jump & Flip with Adley and Niko, then we go play at the lake!

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come spend another Best Day Ever with our family!


Best Toy Room Day Ever 1116

Every morning, as part of our morning routine, we go upstairs as a family and have fun in the ultimate play room. Sometimes we play with Barbies and toys, or play a new game, other times it's pretend play of neighbors or house. Today Adley and Niko have turned into dogs and we have to turn them back. After that, we get the slide out and race cars down it to see whose car is the fastest. Adley wins the race, but I challenged her to trampoline tricks shots.

We keep playing on the slide and trampoline till it’s time to go to the lake lot park. We are meeting up with my homies, a bunch of tiktok creators who we are going to be workin with. They have a blast riding the pump track and having fun playing on the beach. If you have tiktok i’d really recommend following these guys:

Jericho Mencke -- @jercho1
Asaf Rovny -- @asafyrov
Frankie Lagana -- @frankiesfun

Before heading home, we check on the eggs in the nest that have been found around our lake lot and sure enough, the eggs are hatched and the parent has brought food. Cute! What a great vlog, we started with my babies pretending to be animals, and we end it with real animals!!

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