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Every YouTuber Who Can’t Stop Using Special Effects (ft. King Vader) - Addiction Busters

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It starts with some lasers and ends in explosions. @KING VADER can't quit special effects. #AddictionBusters

This week, Comedy Central Originals is Under the Influence of King Vader.

King Vader is bringing his expertise and his dance moves to several Comedy Central Originals shows. Watch all week as he confirms that you’re a nerd on Your Worst Fears Confirmed, lets his emotions out on Cry Battle, gamifies his chores on That’s an App: ErrandCrush, blows up his addiction to special effects on Addiction Busters, debates the merits of Marvel vs. DC on Agree to Disagree and more.

He’ll also be the inaugural guest on our new series Your Last Meal with Cody Reiss. Watch as King Vader confronts his mortality and chows down on some shellfish.

Check back every day for fresh King Vader x Comedy Central collaborations.

About Addiction Busters: Strange addictions destroy lives. Addiction Busters is here to stop these problems before it’s too late. These ambush interventions are recorded to help show you how to face friends and loved ones with addictions head on.

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