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Everglide Water/Aqua King V3 Review | A Unique Linear Experience

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These Everglide Water/Aqua King V3s switches have been making "waves" I'm sorry. But let's take a look at them. THIS IS ALL MY OPINION

Disclaimer: I received these switches for an honest review from Prevail Key Co., I am also an affiliate for Prevail. This is simply my opinion and my view on these switches

Big Bad linear switch review:

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0:00 Scuffed Intro
0:40 Switch Intro
1:53 Water King description
2:30 Switch Overview
3:02 Stem Overview
3:18 Stem Wobble Test
4:38 Sound Test Intro
5:37 Stock Water King V3s
5:47 Stock Tangerines
5:57 Stock Banana Splits
6:07 Stock Lavenders
6:17 Stock Alpaca V2s
6:27 Stock Tealios
6:37 Stock Milky Top Yellows
6:47 Stock Black Ink V2
6:57 Stock MX Blacks
7:07 Stock NK Creams
7:27 L+F Water King
7:37 L+F Tangerines
7:47 L+F Banana Splits
7:57 L+F Lavenders
8:07 L+F Alpaca V2s
8:17 L+F Tealios
8:27 L+F Milky Top Yellows
8:37 L+F Black Ink V2s
8:47 L+F MX Blacks
8:57 L+F NK Creams
9:14 Stock Water King Typing Test
10:57 Lubed Water King Typing Test
12:40 Switch Issues
14:38 Smoothness Scale (MY OPINION)
15:39 Sound Profiles (MY OPINION)
16:42 My Final Thoughts
17:57 Ending Remarks
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