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Disney Princess Allegiance - Teaser Trailer Concept

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Concept trailer for a live-action Disney Princess movie. With all the Disney live-action adaptations being made (in addition to the extreme popularity of Disney Princesses in general having not led to anything cinematically significant other than in Ralph Breaks the Internet) how have we not received any sort of cinematic universe that unites the iconic characters together on the big screen?

You'd think with all the success Disney has found in their ownership of Marvel Studios, that they'd take note regarding the formula of the Marvel Cinematic Universe re-establishing well-known properties in stand-alone movies and then connecting them all in Avengers and such. I'd settle for a Disney Plus series, but give me a blockbuster.

Will we ever see Lily James' Cinderella, Emma Watson's Belle, Naomi Scott's Jasmine, Liu Yifei's Mulan (recast?), Elle Fanning's Aurora, and Halle Bailey's Ariel interacting together?

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