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CUSTOMS PVP in a NUTSHELL - Solo vs Squads PVP Tips [Escape from Tarkov Standard Survival, Day 8]

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Solo PVP tips vs Squads on Customs while attempting to complete Punisher Part 3 for Prapor using a budget AKS-74U loadout in a story guide format that that uses on screen tutorial tips to help break down what's happening and why while (hopefully) keeping it interesting. Enjoy!

Welcome to this patch standard edition playthrough, where we go from zero to hero as a solo PMC, and attempt to fully upgrade the hideout, upgrade the Alpha container to a Kappa secure container, and muddle our way through all the PVP, tasks, Woods expansion, and everything else this wipe has brought our way. Each episode of this series is a heavily edited chronicle of one day of gameplay from the live stream (link below) with tips to guide beginners on their journey as well!

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