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Club Baboo | Learn Spinosaurus facts for kids | Dinosaur ABC and more dino fun with Baboo

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Let's learn the ABC with DINOSAURS! Learn all 26 letters of the alphabet with this fun Dinosaur ABC! Baboo will teach you the names and sounds of awesome dinosaur species. The A is Archaeopteryx! The B is for Brachiosaurus! Do you know all of them?

A is for Archaeopteryx
B is for Brachiosaurus
C is for Carnotaurus
D is for Dimetrodon
E is for Elasmosaurus
F is for Fabrosaurus
G is for Gigantosaurus
H is for Hadrosaurus
I is for Ichthyosaurus
J is for Juravenator
K is for Kronosaurus
L is for Lambeosaurus
M is for Microraptor
N is for Nodosaurus
O is for Oviraptor
P is for Pterodactylus
Q is for Quetzalcoatlus
R is for Riojasaurus
S is for Stegosaurus
T is for Tyrannosaurus rex
U is for Utahraptor
V is for Velociraptor
W is for Wannanosaurus
X is for Xiaosaurus
Y is for Yinlong
Z is for Zuniceratops

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Club Baboo is a family friendly YouTube channel with an emphasis on cute learning videos for kids. We offer the best way to learn about animals, dinosaurs, ABC's, numbers, shapes and colors.

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