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BOUNTY THURSDAYS - 2021 + new tools + new stuff = COOL BUGS!

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if you're testing for bugs, searching for vulnerabilities, pwning boxes, doing bug bounty, pentesting, ctf, webapp testing, appsec then this is the show for you!
Welcome to Bounty Thursdays!

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In this episode:
Finding and understanding Server Side Template Injection with @PwnFunction
Getting a Clean Chrome for pentesting and bug bounties with AutoChrome
How to avoid burnout as a bug hunter / pentester / developer by @Stefan Rows
Customize Burp Suite using Burp Customizer by Corey Arthur
Scan * apple at once using axiom by pry // Ben Bidmead
HackerOne is Hiring!
Ferrox Buster now supports automatic Recursive scanning!
Visma moves to Intigriti.
Practical Web Cache Poisoning: Redefining 'Unexploitable' With James Kettle
Get Zseano's methodology over at bugbountyhunter. com


The episode is sponsored by:
Intigriti - Europe's #1 ethical hacking and bug bounty platform, Sign up using the link below to get started with hunting on european companies and get paid in euros!

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