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Apple To Use Tesla Megapack Batteries at Its California Flats Solar Farm

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Apple and Tesla will work together on first joint project in which Tesla Megapacks will power Apple's CA Flats solar farm (more )

Apple announced Wednesday that it’s building a big battery storage project at a Northern California solar farm it spearhead in 2015. But what the company didn’t share is that the battery packs will come from Tesla, The Verge has learned.

In its energy storage update, Apple says it is constructing one of the largest battery projects in the country, California Flats — an industry-leading, grid-scale energy storage project capable of storing 240 megawatt-hours of energy, enough to power over 7,000 homes for one day. "This project supports the company’s 130-megawatt solar farm that provides all of its renewable energy in California, by storing excess energy generated during the day and deploying it when it is most needed," reads Apple's release.

Torque News Tesla reporter Tinsae Aregay writes, " This is a laudable commitment from the world’s largest company. Although Elon Musk thinks Apple might lose its “biggest company in the world” mantra to Tesla soon. But I digress."

During the announcement Apple didn’t specify from which company it will be buying the storage batteries however, The Verge has uncovered documents filed to Monterey county Board of Supervisors in 2020. In the application, Apple said it will be using 85 Tesla Mega packs for the project.

Tesla’s megapack is the largest, most convenient, and cheapest industrial-sized energy storage solution. According to Elon Musk, the cost of a Megapack is less than $200 per kWh, or approximately $300/kWh with power electronics and servicing included.

Megapacks also significantly reduce the complexity of large-scale battery storage and provide an easy installation and connection process. Each Megapack comes from the factory fully-assembled with up to 3MWh of storage and MW of inverter capacity.

"It’s nice to see two of the most influential technology companies working together to clean up the grid. However, their cooperation might not last forever. There are rumors Apple is looking to get into the electric car market," concludes Aregay from Torque News.


This is Armen Hareyan from Torque News. Please follow us at on Twitter and for daily automotive news.
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