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An NBA player once played for both teams in the same game. We can explain. | Weird Rules

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When the 76ers and Nets played in 1978, it felt like any other game. But after referee Richie Powers started giving out technicals to everyone in sight, it went off the rails.

Ok, maybe that's a slight exaggeration. BUT! He did hit someone with three technicals, which led to the coach protesting and getting hit with three techs as well. Since you can't do that, the Nets took offense and protested the result of the game. It was successful, and the end of the game would be replayed. The trouble was, it wouldn't be for another four months, and in that time these teams combined for a trade. Thanks to that, Eric Money played for both teams and helped create one of the weirdest box scores in NBA history.

(As mc88dx pointed out in the comments, Ralph Simpson and Harvey Catchings, who were a part of the same trade, also had minutes in both games, and I should have clarified that Eric Money was the only player to record *baskets* for two teams in one box score. Thanks for catching! -Ryan)

Written and produced by Ryan Simmons and Seth Rosenthal
Shot and edited by Joe Ali and Jiazhen Zhang
Animations and graphics by Philip Pasternak


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