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Abandoned Gothic Revival Farm House, I Found Bullets and Antiques

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Abandoned Gothic Revival Farm House, I Found Bullets and Antiques

This now abandoned Gothic Revival Farmhouse was built by a pioneer farmer of the local area and is considered a good example of the Gothic Revival style farmhouse with decorative polychrome brickwork.

This home has been placed on the town heritage registry as of March 2014 but it is not municipally designated.

The farmstead is set on a rise and is accessed by a tree-lined lane. Vegetation obscures views of the one and-a-half storey brick farmhouse. The main building is ‘L’- shape with a one and-a-half storey tail and one storey frame wing. Dichromatic brickwork highlights the window openings and corners while decorative woodwork accents the centre gables. A verandah on the east wall has been removed. A large gable roof barn set on a stone foundation, silos and outbuildings are located to the north of the house.

It seems that the property the home sits on may still be used for farming as evident by some more modern buildings and equipment around the back, but the home has most definitely not been lived in for many many years!

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