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2nd Stimulus Check Update: $1,200 Check Vs $1,200 Stimulus | Pandemic EBT | $5,000 Rental Assistance

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This is your second stimulus check update - Make sure you watch this entire video to see how you can get $1,000 per month.

Stimulus Update August 18th:

No Stimulus No Problem - Get $1,000 Per Month:

How To Turn $1 Into $300 Today:

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What I can tell you regarding the 2nd stimulus check is that it will eventually come, but it could take a little while. Right now the House is going to vote on the USPS crisis and this could cause problems if a second stimulus check isn't going to be addressed anytime soon. Many people are pointing to the government as the reason why they are out of work and losing their homes. It is because of this the government needs to step up and make things right by the American people.

In today's video I address the difference between a $1,200 stimulus check and the $1,200 stimulus that many people are talking about. Yes, these are different and you could potentially qualify for both.

I also want to address Pandemic EBT and how you can apply for this. There is still time as the Pandemic EBT deadline has not yet passed in all states. After I address the Pandemic EBT I will talk about some new rental assistance programs as well as how Clark County Nevada had to pause their rental assistance program as too many people applied so far.

If you have questions about upcoming stimulus payments, the second stimulus check update, stimulus package news, or anything else related to stimulus then please comment below and I will do my best to answer your questions.

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